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Aaaaand...we’re back. After a bit of a hiatus, because - ya know - life and sh*t happens, we’ve come back to give you a lil gift.

We are super #pumped to share Georgia Young Couture’s new collection with you. Hitting close to home us here at revel., NOLITA was inspired by none other than NYC.

Drawing on the strong architectural line work found on the iconic facades and striking monuments that define New Yawk City, NOLITA features geometric paneling, linear binding and dimensional form like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Utilizing juxtaposing fabrics with strong silos, the collection is true to GY’s signature style but with all the badassery you’d expect from anything associated with Manhattan.

Featuring all the icons (we’re looking at you Brooklyn, Empire, Met and Waldorf), this progressive six-piece collection reflects Georgia Young’s style for the modern bride – bold, contemporary yet harmonious.

Handcrafted in Australia, these gowns can be shopped in Georgia Young’s Melbourne studio available or through these exclusive stockists.

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 Bridal gowns Georgia Young Couture • Photos Kas Richards • Hair & Makeup Amanda Paige • Model Hilda Dias Pimentel from Muse NYC